le 13 avril 2005
«Les Pétomanes»
is an outdoor adventure organization of long-time friends dedicated to
primitive alpine camping, extreme hiking, mountain exploration, and the lasting memory of Joseph Pujol.

On July 21, 2000, Les Pétomanes overcame the odds and implanted a time capsule
on storied Thousand Island Lake's fabled Île des Pétomanes.
 back: Jim Murphy, Dave Kenagy, Jay Helms, Jon Ball, Bill Edwards, Steve Levoe
front: John Grant, John Selling, Russ Waters, Scott Cook, Rich Cotter.
Not pictured: Karl Edwards, Donn Harms, Gary Hester, Wak Kani.

Now ... five years later ... the triumphant
Time Capsule Challenge Part II:
The Return to Thousand Island Lake!
July 27-31, 2005!

Vous êtes le   depuis le 19 janvier 2000.  Bonne Visite!
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