le 6 juin 2004
The complete trip announcement archives, beginning with the first formal announcement in 1992!

The anouncements for 1992-1998 and 2004 were distributed in hardcopy by mail; the announcements for 1999-2000 and 2002-2003 were web pages; and the 2001 announcement was an email attachment.  They are all available here in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf).

Individual announcements can be viewed below.  Or the complete archive of announcements for 1992-2004 (3.5 MB) can be downloaded in single pdf file.

the year ... ... the announcement
1992: The innocence of ... ... Adventure '92
1993: It goes like it goes ... ... A Creek Runs Through It
1994: Les Pétomanes pitch a big, compassionate tent and earnestly search for liberals in ... ... The Quest for Intellectual Diversity
1995: Back Packing, just like you remember it, with ... ... The Les Pétomanes "Tour"
(with a special advance word)
1996: Oh, Rhett! ... ... Gone With the "Wind"
1997: Les Pétomanes, reaching the pinnacle of their power, reflect on a decade of glory with ... ... The Rock Creek Renaissance Weekend
(with a special reminder mailing and group picture)
1998: Gennifer ... Paula ... Monica ... and now this?... ... The Pétomanes Scandal
1999: Mendacity goes mainstream!  Celebrate the Clinton acquittal and the end of the millennium with ... ... Days of Wonder! Nights of Lies!
(available as the original web page or in pdf format)
2000: They came!  They saw!  They conquered!  And, in 2020, they shall return!  Share in the triumph of ... ... The Time Capsule Challenge (Part I)
(available as the original sequence of web pages or in pdf format)
2001: Their country calls -- Les Pétomanes answer!  The goal is ... ... Retaking North America ... pour la France!
(available in Microsoft Word or in pdf format)
2002: He's baaaaack!  Pujol faces the challenge of Thousand Island Lake as ... ... Terminator 1000!
(available as the original web page or in pdf format)
2003: Join legendary leader Joseph Pujol as he inspires Les Pétomanes to form ... ... The Coalition of the Dubious!
(available as the original web page or in pdf format)
2004: The French bilge rats are made to walk the plank by ... ... Les Pirates Pétomanes!